Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Zombie

I've decided that this Halloween, I am going to be a zombie. I've also decided that I'm going to go around the neighborhood solo without gathering candy after it gets dark so I can pretend to be the real thing. The following is a list of things I'll do to make my costume more realistic. Please tell me what are good ideas and what are bad ideas.

1. I won't wear glasses.
2. I'll break a red glow stick and smear part of the insides on my eyelids so they glow red.
3. I'll wear red contacts.
4. I'll have a fake scar on my neck.
5. I'll wear fake tooth rot.
6. I'll wear makeup on my face, on my arms, and between my feet and my knees.
7. I'll get a cheap suit (as cheap as I can find, anyway) and make a bunch of rips and holes in it.
8. I'll place rotting meat in my pockets so I attract flies and smell bad.
9. I hope to have a really bad haircut so it looks like my hair is falling out.